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Storm Commercial Water Damage

Storm Commercial Water Damage

Storm damage strikes at this business. SERVPRO of Harlingen & San Benito is always ready to help those who were affected by any storm and putting their business back in order.

 Roof Leak Causes By High Winds

Roof Leak Causes By High Winds

A storms that passed through San Benito , with high winds and heavy rains. This customer was affected by the storm and reached out to us. Our team arrived quickly at the home and began the remediation process. SERVPRO of Harlingen & San Benito is always just a phone call away (956)277-0645!

Fire Damage in Harlingen Texas

Fire Damage in Harlingen Texas

This fire damage in Harlingen was caused by an electrical wire malfunction. The fire department was called out to the business and had to use their water hoses to put the fire out. This caused additional water damage to the business. SERVPRO of Harlingen & San Benito was able to respond quickly to this fire damage and begin the fire/ water remediation process.

Why SERVPRO - We Are  IICR Certified

Why SERVPRO - We Are IICR Certified

This home in Harlingen needed a deep carpet cleaning in the bedroom. If your carpet or upholstery needs cleaning or restoration after deep stains, bio hazard matter, water damage, or smoke damage, SERVPRO Of Harlingen & San Benito IICRC certified and ready to help you!

Commercial Water Loss

Commercial Water Loss

SERVPRO Of Harlingen & San Bentio setting equipment in a Closet that had flooded out over the weekend. The customer's quick action to call us out eliminated the chance for more rooms to get damaged.Call us at (956)277-0645

Sewage Backups

Sewage Backups

Here we have a sewage back-up. Sewage backups are grossly unsanitary and considered category 3 "black water" . Any contact should be avoided especially if there is feces or microbial growth. This is an emergency situation which should be dealt with as soon as possible. SERVPRO of Harlingen & San Benito has trained staff with expertise in this area, we can safely restore your home or business. (956)277-0645

Collapsed Ceiling?

Collapsed Ceiling?

Do you know who to call if your business has a  collapsed ceiling? SERVPRO of Harlingen & San Benito understands the stress that comes with water damages.Our team works around the clock, give us a call for any kind of water loss at (956)277-0645

Commercial Water Damage in Harlingen Texas

Commercial Water Damage in Harlingen Texas

No job is too big or too small for SERVPRO of Harlingen & San Benito. If your business or home has any sort of water damage, give our team a call! SERVPRO of Harlingen & San Benito is always here to help! (956)277-0645

Fire Damage

Fire Damage

When disaster strikes your home, it can be very traumatic, especially when dealing with fire damages. If you or any one you know experiences fire damages, give SERVPRO of Harlingen & San Benito a call. Our team is dedicated to helping you during traumatic times like these.

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned

Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned

As the #1 choice in cleanup restoration, we stand on more then 50 years of experience and expertise to help businesses and public spaces become Certified: SERVPRO Cleaned. Beyond fire & water, SERVPRO professional are trained and experienced in bio hazard decontamination always adhering to the highest cleaning and decontamination standards set by the Center for Disease Control and prevention and local authorities.  

SERVPRO of Harlingen/San Benito is here for you.

Call SERVPRO of Harlingen/San Benito.

As residents of the Rio Grande Valley, we’ve seen time after time the strong tradition of neighborly love and assistance. SERVPRO of Harlingen / San Benito wants to fall in line with the same principles that make our community here in the RGV strong and resourceful.

Always ready at a moment’s notice for whatever situation arises:




Residential or Commercial

Rain or shine, we’re ready with neighborly assistance around the clock. Call Us At (956)277-0645

SERVPRO of Harlingen/San Benito is here to help!


  A trained, uniformed and equipped SERVPRO of Harlingen & San Benito professional will walk you through the job process and then work quickly to restore your property to preloss condition! We have earned the trust if the insurance industry by serving thousands of policy holders and clients with respect and integrity. The more we restore, the less that's needs to be replaced. This helps our clients save millions of dollar each year.

Join us in supporting our community.

We are one with our community!

Here, at SERVPRO of Harlingen/San Benito, we support the efforts of our community. Not only is this because we are passionate about the conservation of our native environment, promoting education, and spreading awareness about disease prevention, but because we love to go out and connect with our community to help make it better. 

A TEAM: SERVPRO of Harlingen/San Benito

Team Players

Here, at SERVPRO of Harlingen/San Benito, we practice teamwork and communication in order for our customers and our work to take precedence. We work together, so that we can supersede your expectations of a job well done! 

Cardinal Financial Company in Edinburg wear Pink with SERVPRO of Harlingen/San Benito.

Wear PINK with SERVPRO of Harlingen/San Benito!

SERVPRO of Harlingen/San Benito gathers community members to show our support breast cancer patients and their families. 

House Fire in Brownsville, TX

This was the aftermath of a Christmas Tree fire. After the local fire department extinguished the fire, SERVPRO was there to pick up the pieces and help these homeowners back on their feet

Heavy Water

Did you know that one gallon of water weighs a little more than eight pounds? When water from a storm builds up in your attic, it comprises the drywall of the ceiling making the ceiling weaker and eventually letting the water cave in and creating a hole in your ceiling. SERVPRO of Harlingen and San Benito were able to clean-up this disaster and make it "Like it never even happened." 

Do Your Ceiling Have Spots Like This?

If your ceiling has spots like these, you need to act fast! These brown circles come from a water leak and can be a source of fungal growth. Luckily the owner of this building called SERVPRO Harlingen/San Benito and acted fast to prevent this from happening.

Water in the Walls

When water starts rising in a building, moisture will be absorbed by the walls and could cause fungal growth. In order to prevent that from happening, SERVPRO Harlingen/San Benito had to remove a section of the wall and make it look "Like nothing ever happened.

Standing Water

When our technicians arrived on the scene of this apartment, they discovered that the flooring was very damp. In order to prevent fungal growth, SERVPRO Harlingen/San Benito had to remove the flooring to dry the area.

Possible Fungal Growth

After water was found in the ceiling of this apartment, we at SERVPRO Harlingen/San Benito had to clean up and make sure that we stopped the possibility of fungal growth.

Water in the Ceiling

Once it was discovered that rainwater was gathering in the ceiling, it was imperative that we at SERVPRO Harlingen/San Benito cleaned up and repaired the mess that the storm had caused.

Storm Through Apartments

After a storm ravaged through an apartment building, our amazing technicians from SERVPRO Harlingen/San Benito went to work tearing up the carpet to prevent any further damage to the flooring and structure of the buildings.

Soaked Plywood

Here are our SERVPRO Harlingen/San Benito technicians drying some plywood that was damaged by a leak in a local house. After our technicians left, it looked like nothing had ever happened.

Pipe Bursts in Local Store

SERVPRO Harlingen/San Benito was on site to clean up a local retail store after a pipe had burst, and the floor became soaked with water. The manager of the store was happy that we could quickly clean up the store and they could get back to work.

Water Leak in a Home

After a water leak was discovered in a home, SERVPRO Harlingen/San Benito was on site to help the homeowner get their life back together as quickly as possible. We made sure that the problem was solved and that the owner was able to move back in their house.

Pipe Bursts in Local Restaurant

SERVPRO of Harlingen/San Benito was called to dry a local restaurant after a pipe had burst and caused the dining area to become soaked in water. The owners were very grateful to our technicians because they made it look like nothing ever happened. 

Local Funeral Home Experiences Fire/Water Damage

This is a picture of some of the wet drywall/insulation that had to be cleaned up by SERVPRO Harlingen/San Benito. This is the result of a fire in a funeral home that was extinguished by a local fire department.

A Clean Kitchen

After a company called SERVPRO of Harlingen/San Benito to clean their industrial kitchen, they were amazed at how clean we made it look! We are available 24/7 to make everything look like nothing ever happened.

Water in a Home

After a storm caused the water to rise in a local home, SERVPRO Harlingen/San Benito was quickly on site to dry up the water and make this kitchen look like nothing ever happened!

Soot After a Fire

This is the result of soot remaining on the walls after a fire. At first, I thought they were cobwebs, but I was informed otherwise. Now it looks like the fire "Never even happened." SERVPRO of Harlingen/San Benito was there to help and will be there in the future for everyone that needs it.

Our Crew Getting Dressed in Their PPE's

Our crew members have been through vigorous training to properly restore buildings to the way it was. Here our crew members are gearing up with their PPE's (Personal Protective Equipment) to properly do the restoration to a fire damage. So when you want a highly trained team working on your home call SERVPRO of Harlingen and San Benito at (956)277-0645! 

Ready For Anything

Here at SERVPRO of Harlingen/San Benito, our team is here for you when any disaster strikes! We have highly skilled team members with vast knowledge and training. So when the unexpected happens, remember to call us here at SERVPRO of Harlingen/ San Benito (956)277-0645. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week; 365 days a year!

Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show Parade

Some of our crew members came out to walk with our parade float at the Rio Grande Valley Livestock Show. We had so much fun being apart of the parade to kick the week off!

Water Damage

This was a water damage that happened due to a water heater leak, the owners were in shock of how fast we arrived and how quickly and efficiently the job was finished. 

Hotel Lobby flooded by a broken pipe.

This was the outcome of a broken pipe, completely flooded a hotel and home of the hotel owner. Thanks to the expertise of SERVPRO Harlingen/ San Benito, the hotel and home were dried completely within a minimal amount of time!

Laundry Room Fire Caused by Dryer.

A dryer caught fire in the laundry room and scorched the wall in the laundry room and smoke and soot damage to the rest of the house. Always make sure that you are cleaning out your lint trap after every load!