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Fire Damage Testimonials

I would highly recommend SERVPRO Of Harlingen & San Benito to my friends, family and colleagues.

Our kitchen had a very bad smoke odor from a grease fire, and SERVPRO of Harlingen/San Benito made it go away like magic!

Our dryer caught on fire, and SERVPRO Harlingen/San Benito made it look like nothing had ever happened. Thank you SERVPRO!

An apartment caught on fire, and SERVPRO Harlingen/San Benito was quickly available with a free assessment. I have never had someone respond so fast.

SERVPRO Harlingen/San Benito did a free Assessment on my house and is currently at work cleaning up all of our things. Thanks, SERVPRO!

I would recommend the SERVPRO Franchise to my friends, family, and colleagues. I was confident in the knowledge and professionalism of the Harlingen/ SanBenito on-site personnel who performed the services at my home.